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Facebook has become an important part of our daily life. Here you will know about the Facebook features and its advantages.Also, by dialing the Facebook Customer Service Number you can take any kind of information from the support team of Facebook related to the Facebook account.

How to invite people for liking the page on Facebook?

If you want to know to invite other people to like your page, then you should take help from the Facebook assistance through Facebook Customer Support Number. The assistance team will offer you some essential information.

Steps for inviting to friends

  • Go on the page & tap on the community in the left column. There you will see the “See More” option.
  • Then into the right column, you have to click on invite your friends for liking your page.
  • Now, you need to enter the friend’s name into the search box, also, tap on “Invite” next to your friend’s.
  • Also, you can easily see the invitations for liking a page in the Invites tab.
How I can create an account on Facebook?

To create the account on Facebook, you should take help from the support team of FB by joining the Facebook Customer Service. They will offer you some relevant steps to create an account on Facebook. And you will have to follow each step very carefully.

Steps for creating an account on Facebook
  • Click on the web browser, and enter Facebook. Com in the URL.
  • Then you have to enter the name, phone number, password, email address, date of birth & gender.
  • Then tap on the sign in.
  • For finishing creating the account, you should confirm the email and mobile number.

If you are having any difficulties creating a Facebook account while creating a Facebook account, tell the support team about the problem via Facebook Customer Service Number which you are facing, you can fill this form.

How to change the notification settings for a page?

If you are seeking for help to change the notification setting for a page, then you can dial Facebook Phone Number to get help from the support team of Facebook. The support team will let you know to change the notification settings, then you have to perform some steps. Also, they will let you know for taking the notification on FB each time, there is a page activity option and every twelve to twenty-four hours on all activity.

Steps to change the notification
  • First of all, you need to click on the settings on the upper corner of your page.
  • Then, you need to click on the notification in the left column.
  • Now you should edit the notification settings.

You will see the notification on the upper corner of the page. So you need to mark on all the notification as you read by tapping on “Mark All as read”..

How to Unlock on Facebook?

The Facebook account is usually blocked or locked; During the server sees any hateful or irregular motion on the email. Users are very much frustrated because they are not able to find Facebook support for help to know how to unlock on Facebook account.

Steps to unblock on Facebook account

  • You need to open the web browser 7 write
  • When you see the log-in page display, then you need to enter the log-in credentials
  • After completing, you see the security page displays in which you require to choose the option “take aid from friends”
  • While doing this, you will notice the contact page will open up, then you have to choose the trusted friends in the list.
  • Now, you need to click on the continue & FB will provide your security code to contacts in the message inbox.
  • Then you need to contact those friends & fetch from those verification codes without wasting your time.
  • When you have gathered the code from your friends to unlock Facebook accounts, provide them according to their name.

How to Delete My Facebook Account?

If you want to know, How to delete my Facebook account, then you should get Facebook Support. The support experts will offer you some essential information to delete the Facebook Account.

Also, they will let you know after the request, Facebook deletes for some days. When you sign in during the petition period, then deletion is removed. You can not access your Facebook account after it's been deleted.

Steps to deleting the Facebook Account

  • First of all, you have to click on the delete my FB page, also, you need to download the FB data before deleting the account.
  • Tap on the account menu, and click on the upper right corner of any Facebook page in the web browser.
  • Then, you need to tap on the download a copy of the FB data, in the general account settings.
  • Select “start My archive” option.

The file that starts downloading will have your FB profile information, so be very careful about keeping it. Also, you can contact Facebook to get more support from the executives.

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